10 Steps to Real Estate Selling – from Listing to Close

By Cecilia Sherrard

You are already aware of the housing market and the fact that there are many homes for sale.  It’s a Buyer’s market all over Southern Oregon.  It is important to have a plan in place and know what to expect when the time comes to sell your property. 

1.  Making a good first impression is crucial.  A well maintained attractive home generally sells faster and for more money than an outdated or run down home in need of repair.  This is an area JC Jones CENTURY 21 Agents specialize in.  Knowing what to improve in your home can save you thousands.

2.  Familiarizing yourself with the market is a must.  You don’t have to the homework alone.  JC Jones AMERICAN DREAM will supply you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA), which will show you trends and what’s happening in the area.  It’s important that you remain realistic with your location and street when pricing your home. house for sale sign drawing

3.  Pricing your home correctly is key.  Too high, and you may lose out on potential buyers even looking at the home or making an offer.  Too low, and you may not have much negotiating room or lose out on top profit potential.  This is an area that must be researched extensively and your home’s uniqueness and appeal play a part.  Make sure to price your home intelligently with your Agent.

4.  Marketing correctly means more than just a sign out front.  It is a skill and timing is everything.  JC Jones CENTURY 21 has an array of marketing tools at your disposal, and a great team to help you make the most of your marketing tools.  In today’s market, you really need full service and all the extra boosting you can get while selling your home.  For a complete list of all the marketing tools and features visit my Marketing page

5.  Preparing for showings has to be viewed as almost an art.  Magazine style homes are in demand.  Check out the Showing Drill page.  This will ensure that your home looks its best for any potential buyer even last minute.

6.  Buyers and sellers usually expect to negotiate the price and terms of a home sale.  You can speed up this process if you respond to offers and counteroffers in a timely fashion.  We have skillful negotiating experience and will help you through this process by handling all negotiations.  And by advising you of the best steps to take.

7.  house inspectionBoth you and your Agent should review the home inspection report.  You should be prepared to respond to issues regarding your home and its possibly safety flaws.  You and your Agent will go over the complete report and respond to any requests made by a buyer.  You may want to set limits on repairs made or negotiate price or amounts.

8.  The purchase agreement and any contingencies have to be reviewed and signed by you.  In the state of Oregon, if you’re legally married, your spouse or anyone else listed as owners on the property must sign in order to sell your home.  Your Agent will go over the complete contract and any terms and conditions with you.  Once all contingencies have been removed and it is completely executed, the sale moves forward.

9.  There are many elements that have to fall into place between the signing of the purchase agreement and the close.  We will coordinate each step and make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.  There are many people and different companies involved including a possible broker, lender, escrow, title work, home owners insurance, etc.  utilities must be transferred by both seller and buyer and moving dates should be coordinated around the date of title transfer.

10.  The close usually takes place at the Title company.  The closing Agent will contact you and set up a time suitable for both to meet.  If you’re out of town or not able to come in to the office, they can overnight documents to you or even meet you at home if necessary.  All paperwork or warranties for the home should be gathered and left in the home for the new buyer.  Any keys should be given to your Agent.  Now that you’ve completed the process, you should receive any net proceeds within 72 hours of the title actually transferring.  The words “Congratulations” will follow.  Your JC Jones CENTURY 21 Agent will explain this process and all of the above steps in depth. 
If you have any questions, absolutely Contact Me at anytime.