Mark Flynn - Real Estate Adventure

Century 21 Post SignWith great excitement, I'm announcing the launch of my new Real Estate enterprise. With my recently earned brokers license, I’ve joined forces with the seasoned professionals at JC Jones AMERICAN DREAM Century 21. And together we can make your Real Estate plans happen.

Over the years I've developed considerable Internet marketing skills. It all started in the mid 1990's with my interest in using the Internet to bring a vehicle buyer's attention to the fabulous inventory at the North Bay Saturn Group. That's SATURN as in General Motors. The success of my Internet sales effort propelled me into the top position of Internet Marketing Director. Alas those Saturn days are gone; but our Real Estate future is bright.

While completing one hundred-fifty hours of course work required for my brokers license, I developed a creative web site that helps people make good decisions when buying or selling property.

The purpose of this web site is to:

  • Demonstrate how property can be effectively marketed.
  • Provide an understanding of the real estate purchase cycle.
  • Offer how-to videos
  • Attract attention to the Century 21 JC Jones AMERICAN DREAM Team.
  • Introduce myself to you.

Residential property is my area of concentration, with a focus on finding home buyers, nationwide, who would consider relocating to Southern Oregon.

Visit my web site: and join me in a excellent Real Estate experience.

Enter Mark Flynn web site.Sincerely, Mark Flynn
Real Estate Broker