Real Estate Sales Commission Truth

By Cecilia Sherrard

The seller pays the commission, not the buyer.  Real Estate sales commissions are paid by the seller.  You, as a buyer, will not be charged a fee for working with an agent to purchase property.  Your agent is basically an unpaid consultant working for you, until you actually buy a home.  Only then does your agent receive compensation for the effort they have made for you.

If you’re shopping around for the right Realtor or Company, make sure you’re aware of what they offer, how they will sell your home, and try to determine which path is right for you.  Working with a trusted larger company such as JC Jones AMERICAN DREAM Century 21, you have the reputation and backing needed to cover all your needs.  JC Jones uses the best marketing tools around to get your home sold at top dollar.  If you’re curious about the commission you’ll be paying when selling your house, try to determine what services you will want and expect.  Do you want to set up all your showings by yourself?  Answer all the calls that come in about your property?  Do you want to pay up-front for services?  What if your home doesn’t sell, and you’re out of pocket expenses were wasted?  JC Jones CENTURY 21 is a full service Brokerage.  That means we do everything for you.  We also go way beyond the average company when it comes to marketing and having powerful tools to reach all potential buyers.  You pay nothing until your home sells at a price you’re happy with.  Commission is factored into your final net dollar.

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Splitting Real Estate Sales Commission

Splitting commission – There is a trend in the real estate market to co-broke 60/40.  Allow me to explain.  When your listing agent puts your home on the market, they have the choice to pay the other agent (Who brings the buyer) what they want.  Typically in today’s market the listing Agent will keep 60% of the commission and give 40% to the other agent.  They can do that, yes.  It’s important for you to ask your agent how they plan to split the commission.  I believe a 50/50 split is the fairest to the seller.  In addition to being fair, it’s also an incentive to another agent to bring a buyer to your home.

Remember that, in Oregon, the Principal Broker gets paid the commission who then pays the Agent (Assoicate Broker).  The agent isn’t getting paid as much as you may think.  Once we split the commission with the other agent, we then split the commission with the Principal Broker.  After that we have to deduct all marketing expenses, fees, insurance, taxes, etc.  While it is true that you as the seller ultimately has to pay the commission, it’s not going directly to your agent.

Think about it - getting the most exposure for your home could lead to multiple offers or a fast sale.  You could possibly sell your home for more using a full service Broker with an aggressive Realtor who is equipped with massive online tools and marketing that is unsurpassed.  The team of Realtors I work with have these tools.  Fueled by my online presence and team approach, along with our amazing company, JC Jones CENTURY 21...  well, let’s just say we’re confident that your home and the sale of your home is in great hands.  We pride ourselves on being the most innovative, experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive when it comes to helping clients, like you, buy or sell a home.  It’s what we do, and we love it.