Marketing Plan to Sell Your House

By Cecilia Sherrard

Marketing your home in the Grants Pass, Southern Oregon area and surrounding cities, has to be done correctly and has never been more important.  The Southern Oregon area is in a buyer’s market from Rogue River, to Merlin and beyond.  You must have the proper exposure and timeline in place for effective results.  Realtors know the importance of timing.  Not all Realtors and real estate companies are the same.  Make sure you’re getting every possible Marketing Your House and Propertyoption and have an edge on the competition.  The list below is my full marketing plan.  It is always better to go over this in person so that all your questions can be addressed with each step.  Feel free to call or e-mail me anytime.  I’d be happy to discuss with you the ways myself, our team, and JC Jones CENTURY 21 can sell your home.

The Interview

The interview is the first step to any marketing plan.  We would need to meet with you, view your home, and go over all your goals and plans to better understand your situation.  We will want to establish right away a plan and an approach to suit your life and future decisions regarding your move, and timeframe.  Research must be done on your property and market area.  Your property history and tax information would be pulled and reviewed.  This would also help with the (CMA) and provide a better understanding your situation.  The CMA, also known as a Comparative Market Analysis, is what an experienced Agent uses to better understand your home’s value.  We would work together to find the right price to list your home at.  Many factors may affect this decision.  Visit my Priced To Sell, Not To Sit link for more information on pricing.  I would then go over your home with you and recommend any improvements or changes.  My experience and knowledge in this field play an important part in making sure your home looks its best and sells for the highest amount.

Property images are important
Next we need to take photos of your home, and measurements possibly.  This also is a very important part of the process.  Photos are what buyers see first.  The right photos make a huge difference.  Also, we put our highly recognizable JC Jones CENTURY 21 sign in your yard along with our phone number and web site giving a potential buyer multiple ways to find out more information through me.  Here are the steps that follow:

  • Placing your home on the MLS right away, so that every agent from every company knows about your home when searching for their buyers.
  • Send out alerts to other real estate offices around Southern Oregon letting them know that your home is new to the market.
  • In-office/company discussions about your home and what it has to offer.  Flyers are made and distributed and or displayed.
  • Your home and photos will be added to our web sites under newest listings.  Almost 90% of people searching for property to buy or sell use the Internet.
  • While newspaper ads are lessening, your home is still placed in the local newspaper in color and a great description is added.
  • Post cards and print ads are also sent out, letting the remainder of the population know about your property being for sale.
  • You don’t spend a dollar upfront, or during your listing period, for all the marketing involved.  Nobody gets paid unless your home sells.

If you’re ready to meet with me as a member of the JC Jones CENTURY 21 team to discuss the complete marketing plan in depth or to start the interview process, press
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