This is a great Southern Oregon Movie Location.  With ample room for film equipment parking and great atmosphere as a motion picture set.
Sound recorders will appreciate how quiet this film location is.
  • Broadband WiFi
  • Bathrooms available
  • Production office available
  • Room for Film Equipment parking
  • Hardware and Supply Stores nearby
  • Five miles from the Grants Pass I-5 exit

Contact the Oregon Film and Video Office at (503) 229-5832
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  Equestrian Arena    Equestrian Round Pin Arena    Mark Flynn's barn   
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  Driveway to Mark Flynn barn    Mark Flynn - front drive    Movie set - front drive   
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  Movie Set - house front     Mark Flynn - movie set - front house    Movie location - front house   
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  Guest quarters    Guest quarters at Mark Flynn movie location    House - south side  
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  Equestrian movie set   Equestrian movie set location   Movie set location with horses  
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  Grants Pass Oregon movie set location   north west arena film location   film set - rear deck  
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  movie set - rear deck   Equestrian film location   South side of house film set  
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  Front fence for movie location  

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  Front view of equestrian house for movie set  
  Above are photos of Mark Flynn's property.  He and his wife, Judy, created a fabulous place to live.  Over the summer and autumn of 2007 we refurbished the house.  The house now has new windows, gutters, replaced siding, totally scrapped, caulked, primed, painted, and a new GAF, Camelot, Williamsburg Slate, roof.
Some of the above photos are of the house before it was refurbished.

Saddle up and go!


This is one of the trails, lined with April flowers, that runs along the ridge behind our house.You can ride your horse (or mule) over miles, and miles, of groomed equestrian trails that are accessible directly from this place.  That means you spend your time riding instead of trailering.  You won't expose yourself or your animals to the risk of a trailering mishap.  And think about it: considering the price of fuel, you can feed your horse for a week with the money you'll save by not having to trailer.

The trails are quiet, varied and interesting.  And, most importantly, the trails provide excellent footing for your horse.  The soil consists of decomposed granite with no rocks or gravel.  We've lived here for years, and every time, the riding trails are fun to explore.

Another plus, safety wise, is that your cell phone works out on the riding paths.